Thank you for visiting Chocolate Goose . com, an online space which started with me sharing my favourite recipes with a small group of friends. Over the last 4 years it’s grown to include excerpts from my life and experiences, both the good and the not-so-good, but all of them have made my journey that little bit more interesting, as well as hobbies, activities and interests…my life is certainly never dull.

I’m a novice blogger who’s posts are sometimes informative or funny; maybe a rant about something that’s raised my blood pressure or perhaps a humbling experience about parenthood or marriage; discovering and sharing the joys of growing older or simply finding myself having to be an adult when I feel dismally short on qualifications.

Most of the photos and content are my own so are not free to be used without my written permission. Where articles, links, photos or recipes have originated other than in my imagination, I do my best to attribute them to the original author or entity. Helpful comments or advice and encouragement are always welcome.