Strawberries dipped in Chocolate

This is not your average post for a person who enjoys baking and cooking, but strawberries are finally in season and hitting the shelves in sufficient quantities that the price was down to $1.99 a punnet today – so I helped myself to two punnets and couldn’t resist!

On my way to work I drive through the countryside and have been eagerly watching the strawberry fields I pass as the plants bulk up and the beautiful berries have changed colour.  Sadly, these particular strawberries are grown for export so I haven’t been able to stop and indulge on the side of the road, but the ones I purchased today are locally grown, about an hour north of our home, in a lush stretch of coastline called Omaha.

For the next few months we get to enjoy them in many dishes, strawberries and cream, home made strawberry jam, strawberry cheesecake and one of my favourites: a Smoked Chicken and Strawberry Salad with Balsamic dressing which I will share with you another day, but today’s post is to share a simple yet fun way of making afternoon tea healthy and delicious…of course chocolate is healthy…in moderation.

My son was very pleased and promptly ate most of my portion too – ah sons! What would we do without them.

Chocolate Strawberries

strawberries, as many as you can enjoy
good quality chocolate of choice

  1. Wash and dry the strawberries well – note that strawberries are like mushrooms.  It’s not a good idea to submerge them in water as they tend to absorb the liquid and become squishy. I prefer to hold them under running water and gently wipe them down, or you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth if you prefer. They must be dry before you dip them in the chocolate though.
  2. No measuring of chocolate necessary, just guess as it is so easy you can always do more if you run out.
  3. Break up the chocolate into similar sized pieces or use buttons or drops. Place them into a microwave proof bowl that is completely dry – if there is any trace of water, the chocolate will seize and be useless.
  4. Melt the chocolate in the microwave on medium heat in 40 second bursts so you don’t overdo it, stirring each time you stop, or, if your microwave has a “Melt Chocolate” setting, use that, but it still pays to check it so it doesn’t seize. If you find a few chocolate pieces are still fairly chunky, remove the bowl from the microwave and stir gently to disperse the heat throughout the bowl. This should melt the remaining pieces – you don’t want to overdo it. If destroyed, the chocolate has to go in the bin – it cannot be saved and is a terrible waste.
  5. Now dip the strawberries into the bowl, or use a spoon to drizzle it over the fruit. Lay the strawberries out onto a piece of baking paper (parchment) to allow the chocolate to cool and set or gobble them up while the chocolate is still warm and gooey.


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