Fairy Bread

“What is that?” I hear you ask – don’t worry if you don’t know, I asked the same question a number of years ago after finding myself in a new country and attending a friend’s child’s birthday party. So if you’ve never heard of it I completely understand, but it has got to be the easiest yet most beloved of Kiwi kid’s birthday party table treats. Personally I was slightly horrified when I found out what it was but kids love it – try it, yours might too.

Fairy Bread

I have no idea how Fairy Bread came about, probably a Mum short on birthday party ideas or budget, possibly both, but I’ve seen this at New Zealand school fêtes/galas, kid’s parties and taken to school on days when parents need to “bring a plate” – another Kiwi tradition. But don’t do as my cousin did and bring an empty plate! It has to be filled with something delicious, preferably home made, and able to be shared with others, like a sort of picnic or shared lunch or pot luck meal. The fact that you don’t have to bake a thing could be rather appealing for all those mums and dads that can’t or don’t like to bake, do this and you’ll still be the hero of the party.

The great thing about this dish is it has 3 ingredients, yes, you heard me – 3 ingredients – if you don’t count the gazillion E-numbers and colours that are sure to induce hyperactivity within minutes…but that’s what birthday parties are about!

thin slices of white bread
Hundreds and Thousands

  1. Butter the bread.
  2. Sprinkle the Hundreds and Thousands over the buttered bread, making sure you coat the surface evenly.
  3. Now cut the bread into shapes (rectangular fingers, squares, or I prefer to use cookie cutters to make various shapes that match the party theme).


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