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Halloween Cupcakes

Ever had one of those mornings where you’re woken up at some unholy hour of the morning by a very loud car droning it’s way up a nearby hill and realise your peaceful bliss has been shattered so you best get up and get an early start to the day? But because your sleep was so rudely interrupted, you’re a tad grumpy and that sets off a domino effect of really annoying things happening “to” you (or possibly “by” you because you’re half asleep and not concentrating).

Halloween cupcakes

Well that was my morning today, but the story only gets better – while brushing my child’s hair the brush snaps in half and I realise the handle has quite literally come apart in my hand. OK, I can deal with one more frustrating thing, so I put my smiley face on and head to the kitchen to locate the Super Glue. Armed with my Super Glue and having positioned the brush perfectly to receive the thin line of extremely sticky and permanent glue, what happens? Can you guess? The glue bottle explodes in a bubble and burst and squirts glue all over my mobile phone case, the stone bench top and not a single drop lands where it was supposed to go. So now all hell really does break loose in the lightning speed with which I now have to move around the kitchen to remove the glue residue before it hardens on the stone bench top and is a lasting reminder forever more. With the glue tube deposited into the trash and after a good 10 minutes scrubbing the bench top with various cleaners that should not be used anywhere near the bench top, I finally have a result which isn’t perfect, but a lot better than it could have been.

So with half a hair brush set aside to be dealt with later, I turn my attention to making the packed lunches and have a brain wave. How about a few sliced pickled onions on a cheese and lettuce sandwich to spruce it up a bit? After rinsing my hands to remove the pickle juice with a plan to return the glass bottle to the fridge, I half heartedly dry my hands before grabbing the bottle and … yes, you guessed it…it slips seamlessly from my grasp and lands with a fantastic smashing crash on the tiled floor. I now have pickled onions, glass shards and pickled juice all over the floor and stand dumbly for a few seconds watching it spread under the fridge. Oh Joy!! More work for me and it is barely 6.30 am!! I could quite easily cancel this day and go back to bed, but you know what it’s like – it won’t clean itself and there is really no such thing as a cleaning fairy so I set about sorting it out.

And how does this relate to Halloween cupcakes I hear you ask – well, my only explanation is that the ghosts and ghouls have been at play and hopefully now that they’ve had their fun they can move along. But seriously, I’ve been wanting to share these gorgeous little Halloween Cupcakes with you and decided now was as good a time as any. I’ve already shared this pic with my friends who follow Chocolate Goose on Facebook, but haven’t had a chance to share them here yet. I made them a few years ago for my son’s kindy class but just looking at them always makes me smile, partly because they look happy but also because it reminds me of his little fingers and excitement to help me position all the worms!

No recipe to follow again this time, just bake cupcakes and decorate with any number of bought or made Halloween lollies, or use this lovely vanilla cupcake recipe. I particularly liked the idea of the worms climbing in and out of the mud and grassy bits so have fun – too late for this year but I couldn’t get myself together in time for last Friday.


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