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Watermelon and Coconut Water Smoothie

As much as I love fruit and veggies, I will seldom reach over for an apple and sink my teeth into it. I like my fruit cut up and as time is almost always of the essence, the luxury of preparing fruit and packaging it to take with me for work lunch, etc. isn’t always available and my daily fruit quota sadly falls short of the “5 + a Day” campaign.

Watermelon and Coconut Water SmoothieDuring a discussion with a friend I used to work with, she admitted she felt the same so her solution was to throw all her daily fruit into a glass and blitz for breakfast. What a fantastic idea! And the combinations are endless so one can honestly not complain about getting bored with repetition. So not only is it a time saver; you get through a lot more fruit than otherwise would be had, and you really do feel fantastic and energised as the goodness is absorbed into and spread throughout your body.

Last year, those of you who follow Chocolate Goose on Facebook might recall that I was experimenting with Coconut Water. It exploded onto our shelves among a gazillion other coconut products in our never-ending journey of exploration into uncharted territory in the pursuit of all things healthy. At first, the taste is a little strange, and I strongly advise against glugging down litres of the stuff as it has a pretty high sugar content so not advisable for anyone watching their waist lines, but it has other health benefits like zero cholesterol, zero fat, is gluten-free and full of energy. Another plus is that most of the cartons I’ve seen for sale state that the contents are not made from concentrate, but claim to be 100% pure coconut water. And for all the Recycle junkies out there, the cartons themselves are more often than not, recyclable.

Being Summer here at the moment, Watermelon is in fresh supply and relatively cheap as a seasonal fruit. It also lasts for a few days if covered and refrigerated properly, so using it up slice by slice works well. With this particular version of my morning smoothie, I combined the watermelon, banana (I generally always include a banana for bulk and extra fruit), plain natural unsweetened yoghurt and coconut water. So simple yet so refreshing.

ingredients: (makes 2 x 300 ml smoothies)
2 cups chopped and de-seeded watermelon
1 large or 2 small bananas, peeled and sliced
1 cup plain natural unsweetened yoghurt
enough coconut water to bring the level up to 600 ml in the jug

  1. Combine the chopped watermelon, sliced bananas and yoghurt in a jug.
  2. Add the coconut water.
  3. Blitz together and pour into two glasses.


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