Dessert, Easter, Sweet

Chocolate Easter Tart and New Beginnings

With Easter just around the corner I thought I'd better get myself into gear and share a few ideas with you. For many Easter is a long weekend filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, but it represents so much more to so many and I find myself trying to focus on the true meaning of… Continue reading Chocolate Easter Tart and New Beginnings


Mixed Mutton Potjie

This delicious one-pot meal is so traditionally South African I don't really know how to begin describing it. A potjie pot (pronounced poy-kee) is a 3-legged cast iron pot available in different sizes and comes with a fitted lid. It is normally placed over smouldering coals and the heat carefully monitored and controlled over a… Continue reading Mixed Mutton Potjie

Lunch-box Ideas, Slices

Nut-free Energy Slice

I never fully understood the ramifications of food allergies in children and have had no reason to, personally, but a friend's youngest son is allergic to tree nuts among other things, which makes feeding him quite a challenge. Over the years she's learned which brands prepare foods on nut-free lines so are safe to use… Continue reading Nut-free Energy Slice

Light Meals

Gem Squash with peas and butter

I absolutely love Gem Squash and was very disappointed on arriving in NZ many moons ago only to discover that they weren't grown here. On the very odd occasion in our early years here I came across them in fruit and veggie shops, but you couldn't rely on them being around in season, which is… Continue reading Gem Squash with peas and butter


Crusty Health Bread

Family activities are the best. I love finding new things to do and share with my family and as your kids get older, the list of activities open to you just gets longer and longer. We're lucky enough to have a few of the Cricket World Cup matches being played in Auckland, so yesterday we went to… Continue reading Crusty Health Bread

Light Meals, Salad

Melon, Prosciutto and Kale Pasta Salad

Cantaloupe anyone? Don't you just love that word? Buying seasonal produce is a great way of saving money and it forces you to be more creative with meal planning too, which, as anyone who has to prepare daily meals for their family can sympathise with.  At the moment, Rock Melons are in season, also known as… Continue reading Melon, Prosciutto and Kale Pasta Salad