Cottage Pie

Summer has officially ended. I can't kid myself anymore and this past week it was as if someone had turned on a tap. A very big Heavenly tap and the rains came down. Heavy, loud rain, pelting our roof that it woke us a few times during the nights but the type of weather that… Continue reading Cottage Pie


Mini Banana and Lemon Puddings

We're planning some┬áhome renovations, not much, but there are a few things that need to be done, so this past week has been filled with trades people visiting our home; measuring, discussing, delivering, quoting. Renovating seems like a great idea and I'm generally a very organised person, but I can already feel a little OCD… Continue reading Mini Banana and Lemon Puddings


Pear Coleslaw with Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

I have to tell you that I am absolutely loving Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals. I'm not one for big name cookery books as they normally use lists of ingredients that have to be sourced from Timbuktoo, but around my birthday last year (and since I have to admit), I was complaining about lack of… Continue reading Pear Coleslaw with Red Wine Vinegar Dressing