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Finding Contentment

Contentment. Do we really know what that means? Do we even know how to be content? In this busy mad crazy age where society encourages us to do more, have more, earn more, want more, take more, where do we draw the line and be content with what we have, who we are and where we are?

Gratitude and ContentmentI’ve made the decision to be content. It’s not something that will happen in a single moment, day or month. It is a journey that needs to be taken every day. And starting each new day being grateful is the best way to begin. Being content doesn’t mean putting up with nonsense or settling or just making do, it means enjoying what you have, where you are, who you’re with right now. We still need dreams and aspirations, but there has to be a conscious decision to never let those dreams or aspirations suffocate the memories we’re making and joy we could be feeling right now. In this moment.

When we choose to be content we choose inner peace. Anxiety or worries about health, family, friends, safety, bills, jobs can all eat away at us. They niggle and niggle, like an itchy itch that doesn’t go away. Eventually it can envelop us completely and we feel like we’re drowning, like it’s all getting too much. Our thoughts truly are our reality. Once negativity creeps in, it can take over if not managed. “But we need to be real and see things the way they are!”, I hear you say. “We can’t see the world through rose-tinted glasses and fool ourselves!” And yes, I agree…somewhat. There is a difference between being realistic and accepting our circumstances or situation; and making a conscious decision about how we are going to feel, think, talk and act about it. We are what we think.

I was wasting time on the internet the other day, as you do. I can’t even remember why I had hopped onto my device or what I had actually been looking for, I think it was a children’s book of sorts, but I stumbled across a write-up about learning to be content. This intrigued me so I followed the links and ended up reading an excerpt from a book titled “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow. She writes: What we are on the inside, what we continually think about, eventually shows in our words, actions, and even on our countenances.”

It’s so true! And so obvious! Common Sense! I had to have this book so ordered it and am not even half way through yet but what I have read makes me feel good inside. Makes me realise, even though I know these things inside me, but actually realise how easy it is to be content. To look around at my wonderful life and be at peace with where I am at right now. There will always be worries or concerns, but finding inner peace and trusting in the Lord that His way is the right way and we are not alone is truly a wonderful feeling. I wrote a list of the positive and negatives in my life, not because I’m feeling down or in a bad way, cos I’m not, but I wanted to see which of my lists would be longer. Once I started on the Positive list, things I have to be grateful for, things that I have been blessed with, it was hard to stop writing. Then when I moved on to the Negative list, I had 3 things. 3!! I could probably think of more but these summed up things pretty well and I felt so good about my positive list that I couldn’t really, and didn’t want to focus on thinking about negative ones. Try it. Pin it up somewhere or hide it away safely so you can pull it out when you need encouragement.

Today is a new day and I am happy to have woken up in a warm bed in a beautiful home listening to the sound of rain on the roof and the voice of an angel singing in the distance from his bedroom. Morning cuddles, a cup of tea and now the warm Autumn morning sun. Life is good. I’m happy to be alive and blessed, truly blessed.

Be happy and enjoy your journey of finding contentment.
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