Hot Chocolate – the real deal

Hot chocolate is my go-to solution for many things. Ok, so it doesn’t actually fix anything, but it sure makes me feel better. When you’re sad – have a hot chocolate. When you’re mad – have a hot chocolate. When you’re tired or stressed – have a hot chocolate. The silkiness of the liquid and the richness of the chocolate calms the nerves and warms the soul. Well, it works for me anyway.

Hot Chocolate - the real dealAs I write this, it’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon and the end of another adventure. You see, as we continue our quest to renovate our lovely little home, the 23-year old carpet and pinky-terracotta kitchen floor tiles have been ripped out causing absolute mayhem. The tradesmen have been superb. They are lovely and have done a fantastic job, always cleaning up at the end of each day, leaving their tools in a neat pile in a corner of the room. But for anyone who has lifted tiles or had wooden floors ground and leveled with splotches of concrete mixture here and there, you will know how messy and dusty the inside of one’s home can become. A 4-day job turned into a 7-day one with the last of the skirting being nailed back into place this morning.

We had hoped the work would have been completed by the end of last week, but it wasn’t. So for the past week we’ve had our kitchen cabinets boarded up (so the shattering/lifting tiles don’t damage them). We’ve had the dishwasher in the bathroom; the stove in the family room; the fridge being moved around the dining area as it is too big to move to another level and won’t fit down the passage. Most of our furniture has been stored in the garage covered with tarpaulins, meaning the cars have been parked outside. Thanks to leaving a window partly open and a seasonal downpour, mine now smells musty, like wet carpet.

Yesterday the new carpet-layers arrived to replace the carpet in the family room so all that furniture had to be moved back up to the top lounge – what a palava! And no professional movers in sight – my hubby and I have found our muscles and done it all ourselves.

Step by step we inch our way closer to achieving our goal as each passing activity is ticked off the list. And with no stove or oven, we’ve lived on take-aways so I am itching to get back into my kitchen to be creative once again. In the meantime, I will sip on my delectably smooth hot drink while lying on our new carpet (as we have yet to return all of the furniture) watching the ever-changing weather outside as we progress from one of the warmest Autumns we’ve had in recent years, to the bitter-cold snap of southerly winds bringing their icy temperatures.

Hot chocolate doesn’t get easier than this, provided you have a few blocks of real chocolate. The powder is great, but this is glorious! Warm milk poured over chocolate blocks stirred together. A blob of freshly whipped cream and grated chocolate added on top can add to the decadence, but I prefer mine plain, with a marshmallow or two.

ingredients: (1 drink)
6 blocks of dark or milk chocolate
250 ml hot milk
15 ml whipped cream (optional)
grated chocolate to garnish (optional)
marshmallows (optional)

  1. Break up the chocolate and place it into a cup or heat-proof glass.
  2. Pour in the hot milk and stir well to combine – slowly.
  3. Serve topped with the whipped cream and grated chocolate or leave these off and add marshmallows instead.


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