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Cheesy Corn Bread

I often talk about having a crusty bread as an accompaniment to soup or a stew as it not only fills the belly really well but it is a great way to soak up all the delicious gravy that you would otherwise have to lick, but good manners tend to prevail and sticking one's head… Continue reading Cheesy Corn Bread


Oven-baked Falafel with a difference

Now I do understand that this looks a little strange, intriguing perhaps, some might even say a Dog's Breakfast...! But I promise you, if you like falafel, you will really enjoy this. Over the summer months I buy or make falafel mix and then form it into little balls/discs and include them in salads, wraps… Continue reading Oven-baked Falafel with a difference


Rosemary Lamb Meatballs with Butternut Sauce

This is one of those dishes that just happened, the peas were separate on the plate, but when I packed the leftovers away I mixed them together and it looked so colourful I decided to take a photo and share the recipe with you. New Zealand is well known for the quality of lamb produced here… Continue reading Rosemary Lamb Meatballs with Butternut Sauce

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Buttermilk Banana Bread

I absolutely love this bread! I recently had a few bananas that were begging to be made into banana bread and a little left over buttermilk in the fridge and wondered how the two would work together. Having never tried making a banana bread with buttermilk before I spent some time with my old friend Google,… Continue reading Buttermilk Banana Bread

Lunch-box Ideas, Muffins

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

I was complaining to a friend the other day that I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding inspiration for food preparation - I think that can happen when life gets in the way, but without even thinking about it, she instantly replied with "lunch box ideas". So besides that being a great idea, it… Continue reading Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

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Chocolate and salted caramel mousse cake

This is certainly one of the most flavoursome chocolate cakes I have come across - and I tend to experiment with quite a few. It is neither overly sweet nor bland. Not only does simply looking at it get your taste buds working overtime, but it is one of those rare cakes that is just perfect.… Continue reading Chocolate and salted caramel mousse cake

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Salted or Sweet Caramel Sauce – you decide!

I've been wanting to make this sauce for ages now and I finally got round to it, although I've discovered it is a little fiddly and you have to watch it ALL THE TIME so don't even attempt to do this if you aren't guaranteed a good half hour of uninterrupted concentration. It's super delicious on vanilla… Continue reading Salted or Sweet Caramel Sauce – you decide!

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100 Likes on Facebook

Thank you to all you wonderful people who follow me on Facebook and who are sharing Chocolate Goose. Today we reached 100 Likes!  Fantastic news! I have so much more to share with you and am looking forward to getting myself organised again post home reno so we can get back to our weekly (or… Continue reading 100 Likes on Facebook