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Winter Green Smoothie

As another Winter draws to a close and I feel the first itchiness of a good Spring-clean coming on, I realised that this must be the first Winter in many years that I haven’t, at some point, been ill enough to need antibiotics. My next thought was how ridiculously unhealthy have I been in the past? But setting the mild panic aside, I remembered that while still having a relatively young family, most bugs are brought home from school and kindly shared around the family. Things like strep throat, ear aches and sore throats have left me alone this year and the only thing I can put that to is sticking to my glass of warm lemon water each morning – as far as possible – and enjoying my liquid breakfast on as many mornings as my stocks of ingredients and time will allow .

Winter Green Smoothie

Kale has become my new best friend, eaten on sandwiches, in soups, in my smoothies and baked into pasta dishes. Combine it with a chopped banana, kiwi fruit, and any other number of seasonal fruit like chopped pears and you’ll soon be slurping your way through your daily portion of fruit. To be honest, I find it much easier to drink my fruit anyway, getting it all done in one go giving me heaps of energy to tackle the day.

ingredients (makes 1 large serving):
1 banana, peeled and sliced
1 kiwi fruit, peeled and chopped
1 juicy pear, chopped
1 handful fresh kale
300 ml coconut water

  1. Add all fruit and kale to a large glass or mixing jug.
  2. Pour in the coconut water (as little or as much as you want).
  3. Blitz together using a blender stick if you have one or mix it all in the liquidiser.


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