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Smoothie in a bag

As days get busier again, I find it really hard to remember to make the time to eat fruit. I love fruit, but as a Mom, you tend to put yourself last – no martyr here, believe me, just the plain and simple truth. My snacks and/or lunch for my work day never quite stacks up to my husband’s or son’s. And that’s my fault, but even on those days when I have planned ahead and grabbed a couple of pieces of fruit on my way out the door, once busy at work, I forget to eat them and they end up coming home with me again.

5 days of smoothies

My way of combating this and still achieving my 5+ a day (an NZ campaign to get people eating at least 5 portions of fruit or veggies per day) is to have a smoothie for breakfast. It takes care of at least 2 or 3 portions in one go and then between lunch and dinner, I’ve made it!

Chopping fresh fruit during the morning rush to get out the door can also become a bit of an impossibility at times, so I’ve come up with a way of saving myself time but still enjoying my morning smoothie – spend a ½ hour a week chopping up a few different fruit and veggie items, packaging them into portion sizes in see-through zip-lock bags and then popping them in the freezer. Honestly, it takes about 30 seconds to whip together with fresh milk or coconut water and I get a few extra seconds to savour the flavour instead of gulping it down as quickly as possible.

Be inventive. Make veggie-only ones; fruit-only ones, or combine them. A variety of colour means a variety of vitamins so mix it up. Add Oats, Chia seeds or a little Wheatgerm for added fibre. A squirt of honey or a dollop of yoghurt or even a crushed weet-bix cereal bar helps to fill you up and often sees me through until lunch time. Whatever goes into it, I normally use a banana as the base. My current favourite is banana, blueberry, oats, honey and milk.

Get the kids having Smoothies for breakfast too. Although I’m still working on that with mine. He doesn’t like lumps in it, but he is happy to eat his fruit the normal way. One of my friends hides all manner of things in her daughter’s smoothie. Works a treat!


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