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Easter Celebration Cake

Happy Easter everyone! And if you don't celebrate Easter, then happy long weekend to you. I hope you enjoy the extra time home with your families and loved ones. Easter came early this year and took me a little unawares I have to admit. Seems silly, I know, but normally it falls in with the… Continue reading Easter Celebration Cake

Chicken, Curry

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry

This is one of my favourite dishes, but as my husband isn't a fan of sweet potato, also known as Kumara in New Zealand, I don't get to enjoy it as often as I would like to. One thing I'm not a fan of, is very hot curry, so this is dish should probably be… Continue reading Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry

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Chocolate Peanut Bars

Autumn is once again in the air. We're still enjoying beautiful warm, sunny days but I have noticed a chill in the early morning air. A relief from the humidity of the last few weeks, but I'm not ready for Summer to leave us just yet. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with… Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Bars

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Chocolate Choc-Chip Cookies

Ever have those moods where chocolate should just beware? Anything chocolate will do, but the "chocolatier" the better. Our treat-box stock levels were running dangerously low just prior to my fortnightly grocery shop, but my craving for chocolate wasn't going to be put off. While doing a quick glance round the pantry, I realised we… Continue reading Chocolate Choc-Chip Cookies

Braai, Light Meals, Vegetarian

Butternut on the Braai

I love Butternut! Besides it's gorgeous colour, it is a versatile vegetable that is super healthy and has far more flavour than pumpkin. It is naturally sweet, but is delicious as a savoury, main meal or side dish. It can be peeled, diced and boiled or steamed until soft and then mashed; cut into sticks… Continue reading Butternut on the Braai