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Eskimo Cookies

I have no wish to cause offense with this post to any of my Canadian family, friends or readers by being insensitive to the way you feel about the use of the term “Eskimo”, so please read on and bear with me. In different parts of the world, words mean or represent different things, and in New Zealand, we have lollies called Eskimos, with the tag line – the coolest lollies around!

Eskimo CookiesBefore writing this, I researched the term and discovered a great post by Linda Lanz, who, as an Alaskan native, has studied linguistics and cultural differences of many of the indigenous Alaskan, Northern Canadian and Russian people for many years which can be found here: Inuit vs Eskimo. Apparently what is a derogatory term in parts of Canada, is not derogatory at all in Alaska or other parts of the world, so please read my story without taking offense as none has been meant or wishes to be implied.

Last year, these little lollies made headlines in our dear little New Zealand. And the reason for that is because a native/indigenous Canadian visitor took great offense to the use of the term. The detail on the pack describes them as “sugar confectionery”. They contain no E numbers, the glucose syrup is noted as being either from wheat or corn and yes, sadly for any vegans out there, they contain gelatine (can also be spelled gelatin), but they are simply a delicious marshmallow-type treat in the shape of people rugged up in warm coats. Probably not very PC if you take them literally, but for heaven’s sake, the world has already gone PC mad, leave these little treats alone!

So the reason I’m writing this is that my son wanted to make choc chip cookies the other day, currently his favourite (I can’t seem to get away from this weekly occurrence when I’d much rather be trying new things but it’s lovely spending the time together in the kitchen), but alas, we were all out of chocolate chips (I breathed a sigh of relief). I heard him rummaging around moving furniture in the kitchen and found him standing on top of a chair, removing the treat box from the top shelf of the pantry. Inside, he found a bag of these lovely lollies and spent the next 5 minutes convincing me that we should make cookies that included chopped up Eskimo lollies.

A little hesitant at first, I could see that I wasn’t going to get out of this and it was certainly different to chocolate chips, so we agreed to experiment. Possibly a chip off the old block I say! He carefully got his chopping board ready, washed his hands and proceeded to slice them into 1 cm pieces (or close enough) with the sharpest knife he could find (eeek!) but did a really good job. And I have to say, the cookies were divine. Sweet and  crunchy yet chewy whenever you encountered the melted lolly. Definitely one to add to the collection – and his comments: “Will you take a photo and put them on your Facebook Mom?” warmed my heart. So no, not going directly onto Facebook in my personal capacity, but they get pride of place amongst my Chocolate Goose collection. We’ll definitely be making these again.

And this, my friends, is what the bag of lollies and lollies themselves, look like.

Eskimo lollies

Instead of re-typing the recipe here, simply go to Chocolate Chip Cookies, and substitute the chocolate chips with the equivalent of chopped Eskimo lollies. Everything else is the same, except you might want to pay a little more attention to the cooking time.


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