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The Humble Sandwich – budget fillings

These days, the sandwich tends to be the unpopular friend at the party. With the rise in food allergies, Gluten intolerance, the level of unnecessary sugar and other preservatives in bread, people are looking elsewhere for ideas for lunch. But I can’t help feeling a little sorry for the humble sandwich.

The Humble Sandwich

If you are one of the few who still enjoy a sandwich, then you’re quite possibly also looking for new filling ideas to keep them interesting. I was looking through an old recipe book* I bought way back in the 1990’s for some inspiration totally unrelated to sandwiches the other day when I came across this list. Some combinations I would never have thought of, but I’m working my way through them. These are great for the budget conscious and are particularly focused on those of us who love Marmite/Bovril, Peanut Butter, sliced or grated cheese or even cheese spread. Recently there has been an increase in the manufacture of non-peanut spreads, like hazelnut or cashew nut butters, and although delicious, they can be pretty pricey.

Change things up by using different kinds of bread: rye, fruit or nut breads, whole-meal, whole-wheat, white, Italian breads.

Hopefully you’ll see something that might make your next sandwich that little bit more interesting.

Cottage Cheese and …:

  • raisins and chopped nuts, such as pecans or walnuts on fruit bread
  • marmalade, jam or honey on fruit or nut breads
  • finely chopped olives, toasted sesame seeds, salt and pepper
  • crumbled blue cheese and a dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • thin slices of cucumber, fresh parsley, onion, salt and lettuce
  • apple slices brushed with lemon juice and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon on fruit or nut bread
  • sliced avocado brushed with lemon juice and sprinkled with sunflower seeds and bean or other sprouts
  • sliced pear on fruit or nut bread

Sliced or grated cheese (or cheese spread) and …:

  • tomato slices, lettuce and bean or other sprouts (tomato can make the bread soggy if not eaten immediately)
  • sliced apple brushed with lemon juice
  • thin cucumber slices and mayonnaise
  • fruit chutney

Peanut Butter and …:

  • honey
  • honey and sliced banana
  • fruit chutney and sliced banana
  • grated carrots with raisins or sultanas
  • honey with fried, crumbled bacon (good way to use up left over bacon)
  • cream cheese – add jam if the cheese isn’t enough
  • dill pickle slices (particularly good on rye bread)
  • apple sauce or grated apple on fruit or nut bread
  • chopped dried fruit like apricots or dates
  • honey and thin pawpaw slices sprinkled with lemon juice
  • honey and thinly sliced tinned or fresh peaches (tinned might be a big slimy and wet)

Marmite/Vegemite/Bovril and …:

  • crunchy peanut butter
  • grated or sliced cheese
  • cottage cheese, cucumber slices and freshly ground black pepper
  • banana slices and French mustard
  • cream cheese and tomato slices

As I said, I’m working my way through them. Some have made a good impression and some will never be mentioned again, but hey – we’re all different. You might just find something that sings to you (or your hungry children). I’d love to hear your feedback about which you like and which are banished.

*The Lunch Box cookbook by Marty Klinzman, published 1993

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