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Holiday happenings

Another lovely weekend is coming to an end as I sit and type this post. It’s been a busy week and although I love short work weeks, it adds a little extra pressure to get everything done that needs doing. I have a great relationship with my boss. I used to work for her husband but when he sold his business, I was lucky enough to move across to her childcare. She agreed to continue with the arrangement that I get a day off each week of the school holidays so at least one day I get to spend with my little man and he doesn’t have to go to holiday programme.

He generally enjoys holiday programme as there is always so much to do, but nothing beats a slow morning at home. This past Wednesday we had one of our world-famous-in-our-home Pyjama Days, or at least a pyjama morning.  For those not in-the-know, a Pyjama Day is one where you don’t have to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, blindly stumble into the shower or make school and work lunches. Bliss!

We got to snuggle in bed, read books, watch TV, play on Xbox (him), paint finger and toe nails (me) and then spend an enjoyable almost-2 hours watching Peter Rabbit (my choice) while munching on freshly made pizza delivered to us in our seats.

On the peninsula where we live, affectionately known as The Coast, we have our own little Hoyts cinema complex. It offers the cheapest movie tickets (cheaper than any of the other movie houses on the shore) and is the only one on the Coast. They sell all manner of cinema-style treats like popcorn, chocolate, ice creams, soda but also have the added bonus of a restaurant on site which is licensed. So if one is so inclined, one is able to enjoy the movie with a cold beer, or a glass of wine or bubbles, or my personal favourite, a hot chocolate…delivered to you in your seat. And not only in Gold Class either, but in any of the 5 cinemas on site. The restaurant also have a wood-fired pizza oven and yes!, you guessed it!, what could be more fun for an 11 year old boy than to eat pizza while watching a movie with his mom…ok, perhaps from his perspective there might be a few more interesting or impressive things, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I know he actually did too.

I’ve never had bad service from Hoyts Hibiscus Coast. There seems to be quite a high seasonal turnaround of young staff, but they are always well-dressed, friendly and polite. Another favourite of mine is catching a mid-week movie with a girlfriend or the occasional romantic evening out with hubby. And no, Hoyts don’t know I’m writing this post. I’m just a happy customer.

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