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Blueberry & Oat Smoothie

I love Blueberries. They grow really well in New Zealand and throughout Summer we have an endlessly delicious supply. These tiny blue berries (funny that!) have oodles of health benefits too, things like aiding in weight loss as they are extremely low in calories and helping to prevent heart disease. Whether fresh, frozen, in jams and chutneys… Continue reading Blueberry & Oat Smoothie

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Smoothie in a bag

As days get busier again, I find it really hard to remember to make the time to eat fruit. I love fruit, but as a Mom, you tend to put yourself last - no martyr here, believe me, just the plain and simple truth. My snacks and/or lunch for my work day never quite stacks… Continue reading Smoothie in a bag

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Winter Green Smoothie

As another Winter draws to a close and I feel the first itchiness of a good Spring-clean coming on, I realised that this must be the first Winter in many years that I haven't, at some point, been ill enough to need antibiotics. My next thought was how ridiculously unhealthy have I been in the past? But… Continue reading Winter Green Smoothie


Hot Chocolate – the real deal

Hot chocolate is my go-to solution for many things. Ok, so it doesn't actually fix anything, but it sure makes me feel better. When you're sad - have a hot chocolate. When you're mad - have a hot chocolate. When you're tired or stressed - have a hot chocolate. The silkiness of the liquid and… Continue reading Hot Chocolate – the real deal

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Watermelon and Coconut Water Smoothie

As much as I love fruit and veggies, I will seldom reach over for an apple and sink my teeth into it. I like my fruit cut up and as time is almost always of the essence, the luxury of preparing fruit and packaging it to take with me for work lunch, etc. isn't always… Continue reading Watermelon and Coconut Water Smoothie

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Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

Hello my friends, been a little over a week since I last wrote and I've missed you, but I've been thoroughly enjoying our Summer break. Summer finally arrived with a vengeance, reaching 31 degrees in our little bay earlier this week! Very unusual for us way down south on our beautiful island, but we aren't… Continue reading Strawberry and Banana Smoothie


Apple and Cinnamon Water

This has got to be my favourite summer drink. A friend shared an article about this combination a few weeks ago on Facebook and as with everything I read on Facebook, I take it with a pinch of salt (not literally in this case :)) as you never quite know how truthful the "facts" are.… Continue reading Apple and Cinnamon Water