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Banana Choc Chip Muffins

Term 1 has flown by and was quite a shock to the system with the volume of homework increasing from primary school, settling into a new school, an earlier start time and a later finish, new routines. Plus making time for all the extra mural activities...and that's just me! Let alone my poor child! But… Continue reading Banana Choc Chip Muffins

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Date Puddings with Caramel Sauce

Today is June 21st, our Winter Solstice; and what better way to celebrate the shortest day and longest night with a deliciously tasty hot winter pudding smothered in a creamy caramel sauce. And of course a dollop of freshly whipped cream never goes amiss. The combination is very more-ish as we discovered over dinner with friends the… Continue reading Date Puddings with Caramel Sauce

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Feijoa Muffins

As per my Feijoa and Apple Crumble post last week, we're now well into Feijoa season, so I couldn't resist making more of these delicious muffins. They are fantastically easy to make. Everything into one bowl, a quick mix and then spooned into the muffin paper cups. Muffins can either be iced, or decorated with… Continue reading Feijoa Muffins

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Lemon and White Chocolate Muffins

Last Sunday we were invited to friends to watch the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals between South Africa and Wales, followed by New Zealand vs France. Because of the time difference between the UK and New Zealand, we were up at 3.30 am and in front of the TV at their house by 4 am, just… Continue reading Lemon and White Chocolate Muffins


2-ingredient Ice-cream Muffins

Seriously, you did read that right. Ice-cream. Muffins do not get easier to make than these - they have two ingredients: ice-cream and self-raising flour. And it gets even better, you can use whichever flavour ice-cream you decide...or have on in this case, these are vanilla ice-cream muffins. They also freeze very well so… Continue reading 2-ingredient Ice-cream Muffins

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Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

I was complaining to a friend the other day that I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding inspiration for food preparation - I think that can happen when life gets in the way, but without even thinking about it, she instantly replied with "lunch box ideas". So besides that being a great idea, it… Continue reading Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

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30-Day Health Muffins

The secret to baking the perfect muffin is to mix the mixture as little as possible. After combining the liquid with the dry ingredients, stirring just enough to moisten, the batter should still be lumpy. One of my oldest and possibly my favourite recipe books states that "over-mixing the batter will destroy the light texture of the muffins… Continue reading 30-Day Health Muffins

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Mini Strawberry Muffins

One of the things I love about Summer is the availability of fresh berries. With so much choice on offer, I look for different ways of including them in meals and snacks so we don't end up thinking: Strawberries again! Not that I would probably get there, but variety is the spice of life, or… Continue reading Mini Strawberry Muffins