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Slow-cooked Beef and Vegetable Soup

With June being Winter Wellness month, what better way to celebrate health and vitality on a cold night than with a hot and filling veggie soup. Packed with flavour, colour and any vegetable in season you can think of, it's a delicious meal on it's own, but I decided to slow-cook gravy beef separately and… Continue reading Slow-cooked Beef and Vegetable Soup

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Courgette Fritters

At first thought, courgettes seem to be a bit one-dimensional. I mean how much can you actually do with a courgette? But on closer inspection, this small sausage shaped green or yellow, plain or striped Summer vegetable, also¬†known as a zucchini or baby marrow, can be enjoyed in as many ways as your imagination will… Continue reading Courgette Fritters

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Butternut on the Braai

I love Butternut! Besides it's gorgeous colour, it is a versatile vegetable that is super healthy and has far more flavour than pumpkin. It is naturally sweet, but is delicious as a savoury, main meal or side dish. It can be peeled, diced and boiled or steamed until soft and then mashed; cut into sticks… Continue reading Butternut on the Braai


Oven-baked Falafel with a difference

Now I do understand that this looks a little strange, intriguing perhaps, some might even say a Dog's Breakfast...! But I promise you, if you like falafel, you will really enjoy this. Over the summer months I buy or make falafel mix and then form it into little balls/discs and include them in salads, wraps… Continue reading Oven-baked Falafel with a difference