I love food.

Whether a fancy or simple meal, a celebration or for comfort, the enjoyment of food has long been one of my hobbies. To me, it’s not about eating for survival or health, it’s an ever-expanding topic of culinary delights covering hundreds of cultures, countries, herbs, spices, colours and traditions; watching TV shows about food or gazing through my collection of foodie magazines and cookbooks on long winter afternoons makes me happy.

Creating something that not only looks delicious, but feeds and nourishes the people I love is incredibly satisfying and I get warm fuzzies when one of my friends or followers mentions they tried one of the recipes I’ve shared, and really enjoyed it – perhaps it used a new ingredient or combination that they hadn’t considered previously, or had thought that their children wouldn’t eat it.

Experiment – that’s all I can say. Try new things. Sometimes they work and occasionally they don’t, but be creative. Whether you’re time poor, watching your budget, or your waist line, hopefully you will find something here that you can enjoy.



Both Baking and Cooking bring out the inner creator and artist in most of us, with cooking allowing for a bit more flare when it comes to skipping the need for accurate measurements and adding “a dash of this” or a “handful of that”. Baking is more of a science and it is advisable to… Continue reading Conversions


Sometimes someone shows you something that is so obvious you could kick yourself. I love these little “discoveries” and it always amazes me that what is one person’s “common sense” is a light bulb moment for someone else. I’ll share some of my tips and tricks here grouped into Baking, Cooking or Storing. Please feel… Continue reading Tips