Lunch-box Ideas

The contents of a lunch box has changed so much since I was a child. Gone are the days of you simply having a sandwich and possibly a piece of fruit if you were lucky. Now it is all about energy bars, treats, healthy options, vegetables and the list goes on…enough to confuse any well-meaning parent.

Grocery stores have shelves lined with products for those short on time, but do we really want our kids eating all that stuff? Granted, not everyone has time to make wholesome home-made things that our kids will actually eat, but chocolate spread on sandwiches? High sugar content juices or milk drinks? As parents we need to set the standard regarding what our kids grow up thinking is normal every-day food and sometimes that can be tough, but I’m of the opinion that a good old fashioned balanced meal is always best.

Protein, carbs, fat and of course veggies, plus natural sugars. I do put a treat or two into the lunch box, but perhaps only once or twice a week so it truly is a treat. And by this I mean cookies or perhaps a small bag of crisps, but wraps, wholewheat sandwiches, cut up fruit or veggies, nuts and dried fruit or crackers and cheese (blocks or sticks of Edam, not high salt high sugar cheese dipping spreads).are the staples of my lunch boxes.

This page is going to grow as Chocolate Goose grows and I’ll be adding recipes under various categories so they are easy to click on and find. Also use the search field on the Home page if there is anything specific you are looking for. And please, feel free to email me with suggestions, comments or your favourites. I am not a Nutritionist, but thankfully, I’ve had a good upbringing regarding healthy balanced meals but allow common sense to prevail and think before adding a bag of something…is it brain food or sugar food.

Sandwich/wrap fillings:
Chicken mayonnaise
Tuna Wraps

Lemon and White Chocolate Muffins
2-ingredient Ice-cream Muffins
Apple and Cinnamon Muffins
30-Day Health Muffins

Mini Pizzas
Bacon and Courgette Quiche

Sweet Treats:
Loquat Squares
Chocolate Peanut Bars
Weet-Bix fruity treats
Chelsea Buns
Nut-free Energy Slice
Coconut Fudge Balls
Buttermilk Banana Bread

Chocolate Choc-Chip Cookies
White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Afghan Biscuits
Caramel Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oat, Raisin and Chocolate Chip Cookies



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