No-bake Peppermint Cream Pudding

This is one of those puddings that leaves you wanting more, more and more; and whether you make a round crushed biscuit crust or use the whole biscuits to line a square dish, the end result has a beautiful smooth texture. The taste is not as sweet as one would imagine, and all topped off with… Continue reading No-bake Peppermint Cream Pudding

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Caramel Chip Cookies – a tribute to Robin Williams

So very sad today to hear of the death of Robin Williams - one of life's great comedians and actors. A soul who brought so much joy and happiness to so many, but who's own demons eventually overcame him. This is definitely not the post I was planning on sharing with this scrumptious cookie recipe,… Continue reading Caramel Chip Cookies – a tribute to Robin Williams

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Chocolate Banoffee Stacks

Why is food such a big part of our celebrations? Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad it is as I absolutely love food, but it seems that we as a human race can't get together without sharing in the love of munching on something delicious. No matter what religion, nationality or creed you belong… Continue reading Chocolate Banoffee Stacks

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Banana Caramel Cupcakes

Well, there are only two sleeps left until Christmas day and I'm sure my little one isn't the only one almost bursting with excitement. I've been meaning to get to a few bananas in the fruit basket, but as there is so much fruit on offer at this time of year, I went a little… Continue reading Banana Caramel Cupcakes


Banoffee Pie

This combination of caramel, banana and cream is simply scrumptious and another favourite in our home.  You don't get much easier than this! A traditional biscuit/butter base can be used, but I often find these bases temperamental so prefer an easy sweet shortcrust pastry, specifically as I almost always have frozen ready-rolled pastry in the… Continue reading Banoffee Pie

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Chocolate Hazelnut Squares

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my son and his class to the Auckland Zoo.  It was a bit daunting having so many little people to look after but as we hadn't been to the zoo in ages, it was also rather exciting. The bus trip took us back in time with a mixture… Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Squares