Weet-Bix Fruity Treats

Spring school holidays means more precious time with my little man and of course, more time in the kitchen! To celebrate, we went ice skating on Monday. What a hoot! I haven't been on skates in about 20 years but it was like riding a bicycle - I think your body just remembers what it… Continue reading Weet-Bix Fruity Treats

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Nut-free Energy Slice

I never fully understood the ramifications of food allergies in children and have had no reason to, personally, but a friend's youngest son is allergic to tree nuts among other things, which makes feeding him quite a challenge. Over the years she's learned which brands prepare foods on nut-free lines so are safe to use… Continue reading Nut-free Energy Slice

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Festive Christmas Log

Only one more sleep until Christmas! Looking for that last minute easy solution to a Christmas Pudding? This is it! I love this time of year but the older I get, there always seems to be so much to do and the Magic of Christmas can get lost among the To Do lists, year end… Continue reading Festive Christmas Log

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Coconut Fudge Balls

This past week a friend and I were chatting and she told me I've become a true Soccer Mum. We laughed at the time, but I suppose she's right, and I'll wear that badge proudly. Growing up all I really wanted was to be a Mother. I used to watch all the other mothers of kids… Continue reading Coconut Fudge Balls


Mother’s Day Apple Crumble

The last time I wished my Mother a Happy Mother's Day was 34 years ago. I was just 6 years old, and, two months later, she died. Not a day has gone by without me missing her terribly, wishing I could talk with her, ask her advice or hear her voice. I would have loved… Continue reading Mother’s Day Apple Crumble

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ANZAC Biscuits

Today is ANZAC Day - a very special day in both New Zealand and Australia, where soldiers who have given their lives in the armed forces are remembered and celebrated. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and dates back to the First World War (1914 - 1918), and is strongly linked to the… Continue reading ANZAC Biscuits

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Lolly Cake

A friend recently had these ingredients on her kitchen bench-top and being the inquisitive me that I am, I asked what she could be making with a packet of malt biscuits, Eskimo lollies (sweets), condensed milk, butter and coconut. To her horror, I had to admit that I had never heard of, nor had I… Continue reading Lolly Cake

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Dilemmas. We all have them, none of us really enjoy them, so who needs them? Not me...I have a dilemma on my hands and am trying to think wisely and not be a Worry Wort before I have to make a decision.  But I'm a planner. And planners plan. I like to have A Plan.… Continue reading Crunchies