2-ingredient Ice-cream Muffins

Seriously, you did read that right. Ice-cream. Muffins do not get easier to make than these - they have two ingredients: ice-cream and self-raising flour. And it gets even better, you can use whichever flavour ice-cream you decide...or have on in this case, these are vanilla ice-cream muffins. They also freeze very well so… Continue reading 2-ingredient Ice-cream Muffins

Lunch-box Ideas, Muffins

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

I was complaining to a friend the other day that I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding inspiration for food preparation - I think that can happen when life gets in the way, but without even thinking about it, she instantly replied with "lunch box ideas". So besides that being a great idea, it… Continue reading Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

Lunch-box Ideas, Muffins

30-Day Health Muffins

The secret to baking the perfect muffin is to mix the mixture as little as possible. After combining the liquid with the dry ingredients, stirring just enough to moisten, the batter should still be lumpy. One of my oldest and possibly my favourite recipe books states that "over-mixing the batter will destroy the light texture of the muffins… Continue reading 30-Day Health Muffins