Easy Paella

I love Paella, although not the kind that goes overboard on the seafood ingredients. I've never been a fan of tentacles in my food, whether octopus or squid. I can't get past the sight of them and remind myself of my son when he was younger, not even going so far as to taste them… Continue reading Easy Paella

Light Meals, Salad

Pea, Mint and Avocado Salad

Over the past few weeks Summer seems to have become confused. Our glorious days look like they're waning and have been interspersed with a few grey, wet days. Although they've still been warm with relative humidity, I'm already missing the days of a few weeks ago. Today, however, has turned into another beautiful day. The… Continue reading Pea, Mint and Avocado Salad

Pies, Savoury

Smoked Fish Pie

The other night our neighbour arrived with an enormous fish he'd caught at the weekend and smoked at home. We aren't fisher folk so a freshly caught donated Snapper is a real treat, especially one that has been tenderly smoked to perfection. We don't generally go in for fish stews or casseroles as we prefer… Continue reading Smoked Fish Pie