Light Meals, Salad

Mexican Chicken Sunshine Salad

There is something about Corn in a salad that always makes me smile - it's a little like having Sunshine on a plate. This is by no means a traditional Mexican salad but it has enough of the basic ingredients and spices so I think it qualifies. The rest is pretty much what I had in the fridge at… Continue reading Mexican Chicken Sunshine Salad


Lamb Salad

We've had a very unsettled Spring this year and with Summer supposedly just around the corner it's strange that we're still in winter pyjamas, with extra blankets on the beds, sometimes even having the heaters on although the last week has been a bit warmer. It's been rain, rain and more rain with crazy winds… Continue reading Lamb Salad

Light Meals, Salad

Corn & Gherkin Salad

Yesterday my hubby cooked an extra chicken on the Weber which is always a treat for me as I then don't have to think too long about what to cook for dinner. Having said that, I don't normally have to think too long anyway as I am pretty good at meal planning and normally have… Continue reading Corn & Gherkin Salad


Creamy Tomato, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta Bake

The first time I read this recipe I literally glanced over it very quickly and moved on - to put it plainly, it just didn't grab me.  But once I made it, I couldn't believe the depth of flavour from such a simple dish. This is another easy one, prepared and cooked in about 30… Continue reading Creamy Tomato, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta Bake