Cheat’s “Homemade” Strawberry Ice Cream

I've made ice cream a few times before with cream or condensed milk and it is always a tad tricky, remembering to whisk it every hour so the ice crystals don't turn it into sorbet, but I've decided I need an ice cream maker! My latest attempt was to tackle one of Nigella's recipes containing¬†8… Continue reading Cheat’s “Homemade” Strawberry Ice Cream

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SPCA Cupcake Day – Vanilla Cupcakes

The 26th of August is a very special day in New Zealand - it is the day we bake our hearts out for a fantastic cause known as Cupcake Day and all proceeds from selling cupcakes go to the SPCA, visit to see what it's all about. Last year a lovely lady asked me… Continue reading SPCA Cupcake Day – Vanilla Cupcakes